Welcome to Sikhs in Hockey, the web site which will highlight the achievements of Sikhs in the sport of hockey.

The contribution of Sikhs to hockey worldwide has always been immense. It is not only Indian hockey but international hockey which owes a lot to the Sikhs. Many Asian, African and North American countries emerged on the world hockey scene, thanks to efforts and hard work of certain enthusiastic and energetic Sikh hockey players, administrators and sponsors.

One hundred and sixty (160) Sikhs (155 men and 5 women) have played hockey at Olympic Games representing nine countries: Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, Tanzania and Uganda. Sikhs have played in every Olympic Games since 1928, winning nine Gold, one Silver and four Bronze medals and scored 286 Olympic goals.

Sikhs have played hockey in Ninety four (94) countries.

Sikhs have been playing hockey in all parts of the globe and have represented eighteen countries at international level: Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Singapore, Tanzania, Uganda, USA, Wales, Zambia and Zanzibar. They have played at every Men's World Cup since the first tournament in Barcelona in 1971.

Details of all Sikh Officials, at FIH, Continental and National level, all international umpires and national coaches, and information on the playing countries can be found on the website.

We are grateful to Denys Shortt OBE, a former England hockey international, for sponsoring this website. Denys, who spent his childhood in India, Kenya and Uganda, where his father, Peter, ran tea estates, has been involved in hockey all his life.

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