Sikhs in Hockey in India


Hockey has been played in Punjab, the heartland of Sikhs, since 1896 and was included in the Punjab University Sports tournaments in 1903. One of the earliest photographs of Sikhs playing hockey in India is of the Sikh Regiment playing in 1904.

Punjab Hockey Association which was formed in 1925 was one of the States instrumental in the formation of Indian Hockey Federation.

The representative Indian Army team that toured Australia and New Zealand in 1926 included five Sikhs and have been the backbone of India's teams since then.

Contribution of Sikhs in Hockey in India has always been immense and they have played in every Olympic Games since India entered the competition in 1928 and have been a part of every gold medal winning Indian Olympic team since then.

The 1968 Mexico Squad of eighteen had thirteen Sikh players and both the Team Coach and Team Manager were Sikhs.

Sikhs have captained and coached the national side at Olympic Games, World Cups, Champions Trophy, Asian Games and Asia Cups.

On the administrative front, Sikhs are involved in all aspects of the game and Sikhs have held the post of President and Secretary of the Indian Hockey Federation.

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