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Police Hockey 1975 - 1997

I was involved with Metropolitan Police Hockey Club from 1975 to 1997. In the early years I was the press secretary of the section and have a lot of my personal records such as press cutting, team photos and team sheets which I now take the opportunity of displaying here for the benefit of those past members who may have an interest.

I was involved with the set up of Police Athletic Association Hockey section from the time it was set up in 1979. I covered all the Men's Finals from 1980 to 1997. As a match Delegate, I have the records of all the Finals which are being displayed here.

I was instrumental in forming the British Police Hockey Team in 1982 and was the Coach until 1988 and then Manager until 1996. Again I have all the Team and match results of all the 50 matches played against The Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Army and the Civil Service teams. All these records will be displayed for anyone interested.  Fifty seven players from seventeen Forces played for British Police Hockey Team during this period.

Obviously not all the material that I have in my collection can be displayed here but happy to assist any of the former players who may be looking for information.

Dil Bahra