Scotland O60's Team 2019. Gurdial Duhre is 2nd left front Row



Sikh players who have represented Scotland in Masters international Teams (as listed on Altiusrt system since 2015)


Over 45's

 Name Club Date of Cap venue 
 Amarjit (Bobby) Singh Bhogal Southgate 29.03.2016 v England in Canberra, Australia


Over 55's

 Name Club Date of Cap venue 
 Gurdial Singh Duhre Kinross 05.06.2014 v South Africa in Rotterdam, Netherlands


Over 60's

 Name Club Date of Cap venue 
 Gurdial Singh Duhre Kinross 26.04.2019 v Wales in Swansea, Wales


Over 65's

 Name Club Date of Cap venue 
 Gurdial Singh Duhre Kinross 23.06.2023 v Wales in Valencia, Spain