Other Photos


1966: Menengai High School, Nakuru, Kenya

L - R: xxxx; Gurdev Singh Jandu; Charan Singh Sembhi; Diljit Singh Bahra; Satwinder Singh Barath; Avtar Singh Nagra; Avtar Singh Gahir

at Sikh Union Club Eldoret, Kenya


1974: Army Hockey Umpires Association Registered Umpire


1978: Met Police Hockey Club - Winners of National Police Hockey Tournament

 L - R: xxxx; xxxx; Peter Whittle; Frank Attwood; Lawrie Wright; Bob Luxa; John Drury; Nigel Spencer-Knott; Paul King; Steve Quick; Chris Reeves; Paul Brown; Andy Jagger; Dil Bahra; Tony Anthony; xxxx.

Lady Mabel College, Wentworth near Sheffield - 17 September 1978.


1979: Met Police 4 Area Hockey team


1980: Met Police Hockey Club - Bob Fenner's retirement function

L - R: Davie Mace; Eric Sayer; Paul Le Provost; Dave Lamb; Chris Wake; Steve Quick; Chris Reeves; Dil Bahra; Roly Castles; Tony Anthony; Peter Robinson; John Fleming; Tom Hawks; Jim Marchant; Bob Fenner; Nevil Abraham; Frank Attwood; Nigel Specer-Knott; Ivor Goodson; Mark Woolley; John Brown

New Scotland Yard, London, 20 November 1980


1981: Met Police Hockey Club - PAA Hockey Championship semi-finals - RUC V Met Police

L - R: Jim Marchant; Merrick Rose; David Dunwoody (RUC); Chris Wake; Paul Brown; Tony Puddick; Gary Nelson (RUC); Frank Attwood; Rowan Healey; Ian Stone; Andy Haliday; Adrian Webb; Dil Bahra; Paul King; Brad Rehling; Duncan Dawes; Guy Taylor; Paul Le Prevost

Belfast - 26 February 1981


1982: Member of The Hockey Circle


1983: MPHC Diamond Dinner at the Long Room, The Oval


1984: Police Athletic Association - National Police Championship Finals

L - R: Paul King (Met Police Captain); Dil Bahra (Met Police Coach); Merrick Rose during half time talk in the Final against RUC.

played in Birmingham on 24 March 1984


1986: London World Cup




1991: British Police v Royal Air Force

L - R: Ian Henderson; Andy Halliday (Captain); Dil Bahra (Manager) during half time talk

Clarence Park St Albans on 19 February 1991


1992: British Police Hockey Team - 10th Anniversary match

Clarence Park, St Albans - 15 October 1992

1993: Police Athletic Association


1994: Police Athletic Association Finals

L - R: Phil Appleyard (President, The Hockey Association; Sir Hugh Annesley (Chairman PAA Hockey Section); Dil Bahra (Technical Delegate); Graham Nash (FIH Umpire)

Clifton College Sports Club, Bristol on 14 April 1994


1995: Police Athletic Association

L - R: John Fleming; Frank Attwood; Dil Bahra; Geoff Rhodes at Dereham Hockey Club - 27 April 1995


1996: Indoor Club Championships at Crystal Palace

interviewing Tarlok Mandair for Zee TV

1997: Golden Jubilee tournament - Karachi, Pakistan

Dil Bahra and Sydney Friskin outside Hockey Club of Pakistan - 23 March 1997


2000: Tournament Officials at Closing Ceremony of Women's Qualifying Tournament at Milton Keynes, England

L - R: Merle Sterley (South Africa - Tournament Director); Ruth Lajoie (USA - Technical Officer); Di Spinks (England Technical Officer); Roser Coll (Spain - Technical Officer); Estrella Rodriguez (Mexico - Judge); Jung Hee Shin (Korea - Judge); Amrit Bose (India - Judge); Julia Gill (England - Judge); Dil Bahra (England - Media Officer)

at The National Hockey Stadium Milton Keynes


2001: 10th Men’s Hockey World Cup Qualifier – Edinburgh, Scotland

L - R: Ernie Wall OBE (Scotland); Dil Bahra (Secretary Hockey Writers' Club); Patrick Rowley (Chairman Hockey Writers' Club); Leandro Negre (FIH representative at the Tournament); John Burt (Chairman FIH Marketing and Communication Committee); Nick Irvine (Media Officer at the Tournament).

Edinburgh - 27 July 2001


2002: 24th Men's Champions Trophy - Cologne - Germany

India - Pakistan Joint Post match press conference after India v Pakistan match on 4 September 2002

L - R: Mohammad Sarwar (Pakistan Captain); Zaman Tahir (Pakistan Coach; Col Zafar Ali Zafari (Pakistam Manager); Dil Bahra (FIH Media Officer); Aslam Sher Khan (India Manager); Rajinder Singh Sr. (India Coach)


2003: 2nd Women's Champions Challenge - Catania - Sicily - Italy

Standing (L - R): Dil Bahra; Hetty Stibbe; Jenny Hair; Marisa Galuppo; Carola Meyer, Di Spinks; Evan Lloyd

Kneeling (L - R): Anna Puglia; Rosa Coll


2004: Hockey Writers' Club

Committee members, L - R: Peter Luck (Treasurer); Jennifer McAllister; Richard Stainthorpe; Pat Rowley (Chairman); Dil Bahra (Hon. Secretary); Bill Colwill at Lambs Health and Fitness Club, London on 8 March 2004.


2005: Hockey Writers' Club

'The Times' Sydney Friskin Memorial Award Table: L - R)): Robert Watson (2001); Marion Friskin; Neil Friskin; Mike Corby (2003); Sue Haswell; Dil Bahra (co-ordinator); Anne Ellis (2004); David Collier (2002) at Wimbledon Hockey Club, London on 24 January 2005


2006: 11th Men's Hockey World Cup - Monchengladbach - Germany (6 – 17 September 2006)

at Warsteiner Hockey Park, Monchengladbach, Germany - 17 September 2006


2007: Balbir Singh Senior Documentary

L - R: Diljit Singh Bahra; Joe Galibardy (India's Berlin 1936 Olympic Games Gold Medalist) and Balbir Singh Senior in London on 4 July 2007


2008: Men’s World Hockey Olympic Qualifier – Santiago, Chile (1 – 9 March 2008)

Media centre at Prince of Wales Country Club, Santiago

Charles Randall; Cathy Harris and Dil Bahra in the far corner


2010: Hockey Writers' Club

Presenting David Chappell, Deputy Managing Editor of The Times (Sponsors of Sydney Friskin Memorial Award) with Hon Life Membership of Hockey Writers' Club at Royal Thames Yacht Club, Knightsbridge, London on 26 January 2010.


2011:Founder Trustees of The National Hockey Museum (now The Hockey Museum)

L-R: Katie Dodd; David Wareham; Mike Smith; Pat Rowley; Dil Bahra. Insert: Ian Wilson

at Butts Road, Woking


2012: Games of the XXX Olympiad (London 2012) (27 July to 12 August 2012)

OPNS Flash Quote Reporter team at Riverbank Arena (Hockey Centre). L - R: Jack Burrows; Asza; Dil Bahra; Phillippa; Helen.

Olympic Park, London - 9 August 2012


2013: Hockey Writers' Club

Awards Function 22 January 2013

2014: XX Commonwealth Games (Glasgow 2014) (23 July – 3 August 2014)

interviewing Sukhi Panesar (Canada) and Baljit Singh (Malaysia) after Canada v Malaysia match at Commonwealth Games in Glasgow on 26 July 2014

L - R: Diljit Singh Bahra; Sukhpal Singh Panesar; Baljit Singh Charun


2015: Women’s Euro Championship - Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, London, England

Wolfgang Hillmann, President of Deutscher Hockey Bund (DHB) donating his goalkeeping kit to the Hockey Museum at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre on 25 August 2015.


2016: Women’s Champions Trophy - Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, London, England

at a Reception to support hockey's worldwide heritage at The Hockey Museum Exhibition at the Women's Champions Trophy Event, Lee Valley, London on 18.06.2016

L - R: Leandro Negre (President FIH); Dil Bahra (Trustee The Hockey Museum and Vice Chairman Hockey Writers' Club); Pat Rowley (Trustee The Hockey Museum and Vice Chairman Hockey Writers' Club)

London 18 June 2016


2017: The Hockey Museum Board of Trustees

Back Row L - R: Liz May (Farnham Museum Curator); Philip Kimberley; David Balbirnie; David Wareham; Mike Barford; Dil Bahra; Lucy Newcombe; Imogen Gibbon

Front Row (L - R): Katie Dodd; Leandro Negre (F.I.H.F. Chairman); Mike Smith

Homeworth House, Woking 14 December 2017


2018: Kenya Hockey Olympians function

L - R: Manjeet Singh Panesar; Amarjeet Singh Marwa; Jack Simonian; Diljit Singh Bahra; Davinder Singh Deegan; Surjit Singh Rihal; Sandeep Kaur Bhardwaj; Avtar Singh Sohal; Harvinder Singh Marwa; Harvinderpal Singh Sibia; Jitender Singh Panesar

Spencer Hockey Club, London 20 July 2018


2019: Celebrating Life of Surjeet Singh Panesar

L - R: Diljit Singh Bahra; Jack Simonian and Surjit Singh Rihal 

Indian Gymkhana Club, London Sunday 19 November 2019


2020: Hon Life Membership of Sikh Union Club Nairobi

Baljit Virdi (R), Chairman of Sikh Union Club Nairobi, presenting Diljit Bahra (L) with Hon. Life Membership of Sikh Union Club. Avtar Sohal is in the middle.

Sikh Union Club Nairobi, 1 February 2020