Kenya’s double Olympian, Parminder (Kake) Saini passes away - a Covid-19 victim

By Dil Bahra
31 May 2021

Parminder Singh (Kake) Saini who represented Kenya the Los Angeles 1984 and Seoul Olympic Games died in Kisumu yesterday evening (30th May) - a Covid- 19 victim, aged 63.

It died on the same day he was due to join other Kenyan Olympic players at a Zoom get-together. He had confirmed his attendance and was looking towards this event. The sad news of his passing away came four hours after the Zoom conference, attended by some 20 Kenyan Olympians ended.

Randiek Nashon, Chairman,Kenya Hockey Union  said  on hearing the sad news "  Parminder Singh Saini was a great hockey player who represented this country for a long time. On my own behalf and family, Kenya Hockey Union Council, the hockey fraternity, the Olympic family and friends. We extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends".

Avtar Singh Sohal, Kenya's legendary player and coach said on hearing the news " I played and  coached Kaka. He was one of the  Greatest  players of Kenya. He had smile all the time, humble  down to earth and adorable person. We all will miss him especially the hockey fraternity .We have lost great sports personality. May the Almighty rest his soul in eternal peace Heartfelt condolences to the family and friends"

Parminder was born on 19 September 1957 in Kisumu, Kenya. He studied at Miwani Primary School, Kisumu and Kisumu Boys High School. He played hockey for Kisumu Boys High School up to 1976.

In 1976 he went to UK for further studies and studied at Langley College, Slough, Berkshire. He joined Slough Hockey Club, one of the top hockey clubs in the country at the time and played for the club's 1st team until 1979.

He returned to Kenya in 1979 and joined Kisumu Simba Union Club.

He represented Kenya at the six nations tournament in Loisano, Italy where he earned his first international cap when he was selected to play against India on 5 September 1981.

He captained Kenya at the East African Championship in Tanga, Tanzania in 1983.

He played in the test series against India in Kenya and captained the team in the 4th test match in June 1983.

He was selected to represent Kenya at Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. He scored two goals against Canada and one goal against U S A at these Olympic Games.

He represented Kenya at the All African Games in Nairobi in August 1987.

He played at the Lada Classic Tournament in Luton, England in August 1988.

He was selected to represent Kenya at Seoul 1988 Olympic Games and played at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tournaments in India,

He played for Africa in the inaugural Inter-Continent Tournament played in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in December 1990.

He played his last international match against Zimbabwe in Nairobi on 13 February 1993.

After retiring from playing, he coached Kisumu Simba Union.

He was Manager of Kenya team at the All Africa Games in South Africa in 1999.

He was the vice chairman of Kenya Hockey Union from 2014 to 2015 and is currently a technical advisor.

Parminder Singh Saini was born in Kisumu, Kenya and died in Kisumu, Kenya.


B G Joshi – Hockey Statistician (1954 – 2021)

by Dil Bahra
28 April 2021

Baboolal Goverdhan Joshi, popularly known as B G Joshi was born on 27 November 1954 in Rajgarh (Biaora), Madhya Pradesh, India.

He played hockey at School in Rajgarth.

He was a Civil Engineer in Water Resources Department for Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Whilst still at School, in 1970, he started compiling hockey statistics and records on tournaments.

He had expanded his collection from just Indian records (both men and women) to a collection of records of every hockey playing country in the world. 

He was a regular contributor to several Hindi newspapers in India. He also wrote regularly for Naidunia, Indore, Hindu Sportster, Fieldhockey.com and Bharatiyahockey,org.

He was a member of Hockey Writers' Club since March 2006 and also "Friend of The Hockey Museum"

He maintained his comprehensive and accurate and update records in three "Record Books on Hockey" which he updated daily.

Book 1: consists medalists summary; matches and goals; standings; the finals; top scorers of all international tournaments (Men, Women and Juniors) since their inception.

Book 2: Indian Men and Women's Results, Squads, Series played.

Book 3: World Records on 75 different angles of the Hockey game.

He was a humble man, highly respected by his peers yet did not receive any awards for his enormous contribution to the game from Hockey India and the FIH.

He died on 20 April 2021 and leaves behind his wife, Krishna and sons Neeraj and Shravan.


Hockey Association Coaching Awards Course 1 - 8 August 1981

by Dil Bahra
25 March 2021

My two websites, Sikhs in Hockey (http://www.sikhsinhockey.com/) and Hockey on Stamps (http://www.hockeyonstamps.com/Default.aspx?site=Hockeyonstamps2) have been kindly sponsored by Denys Shortt OBE, a British businessman and entrepreneur since 2012. Denys also sponsored The Hockey Museum website when it was first set up in 2011.

I later learnt that Denys played for England at U16, U18 and U21 levels for both indoor and outdoor hockey. He represented Midlands School boys from early eighties. My research into Sikhs in Hockey revealed that Denys' team mate during this period was Sikh Hockey Olympian Soma Singh. Both of them represented England at The Junior World Cup in Vancouver, Canada in 1985. 

I've met Denys in person on a few occasions at hockey events and we often correspond on hockey matters via e-mail. And we have been both honoured as Life Members of The Hockey Museum.

It was by chance that I learnt this week that Denys and I were on the same Hockey Association Coaching Awards Course 40 years ago. The residential course at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, near Newport, Shropshire, was held from 1 - 8 August 1981.

What a coincidence. It's very small world.